Summary of CSEE Meeting in Saskatoon

By Sofia Jain, Carleton University

The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting brings together ecologists and evolutionary biologists from across Canada and parts of the United States. The conference feature a broad scope of research and study organisms, with studies on anything from plant genomics to avian behaviour. This year’s meeting (May 22-24, 2015) was held at the beautiful University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, and had the general theme of Ecology and Evolution of Managed Landscapes.

I went to this year’s meeting to present my Honours work on the effects of basking disturbances by motorboats on the energy budgets of northern map turtles. Other aquatic related talks included talks in sessions dedicated to fish ecology and evolutionary ecology of aquatic organism. A symposium on biologging also featured multiple talks about using biologging to understand energetics of aquatic organisms. I found the diversity of talks and posters fascinating and learned a lot about topics completely new to me. One of my favourite parts of the conference was a session called Student and Post-Doc Strategies for Success which was held in an informal pub setting, with each table discussing a different topic and people moving between tables. It was a great environment to meet people and learn about how to make the most of one’s experiences in science.