CCFFR – Jan 7–9, St. John’s, NFLD


Conference webpage

Major themes for the conference include:

  1. Environmental and anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems (Keith Clarke,
  2. Evolutionary and ecological genetics of aquatic species (Daniel Heath, and Ian Bradbury,
  3. Ecosystem-based management (Mariano Koen-Alonso,
  4. Spatial ecology and conservation of aquatic ecosystems (Jon Carr,
  5. Understanding recruitment dynamics of fishes and their consequences to stock productivity (Dominique Robert, and Pierre Pepin,
  6. Aquaculture and its impacts on aquatic ecosystems (Dounia Hamoutene,
  7. Habitat science and restoration of aquatic ecosystems (Robert Gregory,
  8. Ocean regime change and its impact on aquatic species (Sherrylynn Rowe,
  9. Evolutionary ecology of reproduction (Trevor Pitcher, and Craig Purchase,
  10. Aquatic invasive species (Cynthia McKenzie,
  11. Species at risk (Roanne Collins,
  12. Science communication: opportunities and pitfalls (Steven Cooke,
  13. General Contribution (Martha Robertson,

Call for abstract here. Due by October 30, 2015

Students should apply for the Clemens-Rigler Travel Award, full details here.