Freshwater Fish Survey



As a part of a research project in the Mandrak lab at the University of Toronto Scarborough, we are testing the reliability of freshwater fish identification based on photographs of fish viewers. To do this, we are looking for volunteers to participate in surveys where participants will be asked to identify fishes based on images.  If you are interested in aiding our research and exercising your fish ID skills, please read on.


To minimize the time commitment of survey takers, we have prepared 20 short (~10 min) surveys, each with 5 different images. Each image contains a group of small freshwater fishes of varying species composition caught in Canada. As we would like an equal response rate to each survey, we ask that you randomly select the number (1-20; on your own or online (random number generator) of the first survey that you complete.


If you wish to complete more surveys, simply do the next survey in numerical order. A link is provided on the end page of the survey you have just completed: this will take you to another survey with new images. You can complete as many surveys as you wish (all 20 if you are up to the task!), but please do not complete the same survey multiple times.


Please complete survey(s) by August 26.


Please feel free to distribute this email and thanks for considering participating in our research!




Nick Mandrak and Conrad Pratt



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