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Canadian Aquatic Societies’ Joint-Statement in Support of Mi’kmaw Lobster Fishers and Treaty Rights

The members of the Boards of Directors of the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR), Canadian Aquatic Resources Section (CARS) of the American Fisheries Society, and the Society of Canadian Limnologists/Société canadienne de Limnologie (SCL) stand in solidarity with the Mi’kmaw Indigenous community in Nova Scotia. As Directors of preeminent fisheries and aquatic science organizations in Canada, we feel compelled to declare our unified support for the Sipekne’katik moderate livelihood fishery and denounce the racist violence that has obstructed their legal fishery activities. Our organizations are composed of fishery and aquatic scientists who are responsible for knowledge generation and translation to benefit Canada and First Nations. We are committed to […]

2020 AFS Virtual Meeting starts today

The American Fisheries 2020 Annual Meeting is happening virtually over the next two weeks (live content starts around 1 pm EDT on Sept. 14). AFS staff, leadership, and the planning committee have been working non-stop since July to pull this together. There is plenty of great content for everyone. Hundreds of pre-recorded posters and presentations, live plenary and themed sessions (e.g, EDI day, Canada day, etc.) each day, a film festival, and all of the normal section meetings that typically happen at the conference. Below is a link to the conference flyer for more details and links to registering. Please consider registering yourself, your employees, or your students. AFS 2020 […]

5-min online survey on status of fisheries

The UN FAO and University of Florida are looking for input on local and regional threat score calibration for inland fisheries. They would like input in the form of a 5-min online survey that can be found here. The survey will remain open until July 21. More on the survey: Summary: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the University of Florida have been cooperating for the past two years to develop a global map and framework of threats and drivers influencing the world’s major freshwater basins that are important to inland fisheries. This framework has been developed using a range of global data sets that […]

GEN-FISH Research Network Hiring Grad Students

A new, large, collaborative research project (GEN-FISH) led by the University of Windsor has recently been launched and is seeking graduate students with positions available all across the country and in involved a wide range of field and lab activities. Click here and here for ads the GEN-FISH team would like to be shared widely, including contact info if you’d like to get involved (French version here).