If you’re a CARS member you will have received an e-mail inviting you to vote in the CARS 2020 election. The names and bios of the candidates are below; the link to the voting survey is in your e-mail.


Communications Officer

Rowshyra Castañeda
Rowshyra is currently a post-doc at Fisheries and Oceans Canada focusing on threats and recovery of aquatic species at risk. She has been a member of AFS and an active member of CARS for over 5 years. Rowshyra has volunteered for several organization doing public outreach and science communication using multiple social media platforms. She will actively tweet and retweet research and other important activities done by CARS members. She has also built and maintained several research websites and will keep the CARS website up to date with important announcements. Last but not least, she checks her emails too often and loves sending out mass emails announcing exciting events and delivering very important news.


Student representative

Amber Fedus
My name is Amber Fedus and I am from Kenora, Ontario. I finished my Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology at Queen’s University this past June and am now attending Lakehead University for my Master of Science in Biology. The focus of my thesis is analyzing data on macrophyte removal in Lake 191 of the Experimental Lakes Area and how this affects the trophic levels in the lake. I was very excited to hear of the Student Representative position at CARS and would be honoured to be elected. I would like to use this position as a networking tool for students to come together and talk about their areas of interest and research in relation to CARS. This could be something along the lines of monthly meetings with students where they can share ideas and voice concerns, workshops that allow students to present their relevant research for feedback and discussion, and sharing relevant information that they may not receive otherwise. As a Student Representative, I would make sure to connect with students and provide a space where they feel comfortable sharing and discussing topics related to CARS. Thank you for your consideration.

Timothy Fernandes
I am an aspiring fisheries professional with experience working in the private, government, and academic sectors.  Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto studying seasonal ecophysiological strategies in both cold- (brook trout) and warm-water (largemouth bass) fish species, with a particular focus on winter biology. Outside of my research, I enjoy casting absurdly large lures and getting people hooked on fish. I would love the opportunity to help amplify the voices of the student membership within CARS and further promote Canadian fisheries science. Thank you for your time!

Christian Bihun
My name is Christian Bihun and I am from Ottawa, Ontario, where I am pursuing a Master’s degree in the Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Lab at Carleton University. My research focuses on winter stressors and energetics of freshwater fish. Following completion of my undergrad at the University of Guelph in 2017, I worked a variety of seasonal conservation jobs, in fisheries as well as agriculture, and many odd jobs in between. Having spent the last three years at the technician level in natural resources has given me much insight into the world of fisheries and all things aquatic, which I believe would help me represent the voices of aspiring professionals as a student representative at the CARS table. As you can probably guess, I love fishing and the outdoors, but I’ve also been known to strum the odd tune on guitar, or pick up the odd science fiction novel . Thanks very much for your consideration!

Paul Bzonek
Paul Bzonek is a PhD student and the alternate student rep of last year’s CARS executive committee. Paul’s research investigates the behaviour and movement of invasive fishes in the Mandrak lab at the University of Toronto. When not working, Paul spends his socially-distanced time hiking in the trails behind his home, playing online board games, and finding great books. Paul has served as a student rep for multiple committees in the past, and helped run the CARS-run Canada-themed day of the 2020 AFS annual meeting. If elected as the CARS student representative, Paul hopes to increase student engagement through online peer meetings and conference events. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Paul at [email protected].