Conference webpage

Major themes for the conference include:

  1. Environmental and anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems (Keith Clarke, [email protected])
  2. Evolutionary and ecological genetics of aquatic species (Daniel Heath, [email protected] and Ian Bradbury, [email protected])
  3. Ecosystem-based management (Mariano Koen-Alonso, [email protected])
  4. Spatial ecology and conservation of aquatic ecosystems (Jon Carr, [email protected])
  5. Understanding recruitment dynamics of fishes and their consequences to stock productivity (Dominique Robert, [email protected] and Pierre Pepin, [email protected])
  6. Aquaculture and its impacts on aquatic ecosystems (Dounia Hamoutene, [email protected])
  7. Habitat science and restoration of aquatic ecosystems (Robert Gregory, [email protected])
  8. Ocean regime change and its impact on aquatic species (Sherrylynn Rowe, [email protected])
  9. Evolutionary ecology of reproduction (Trevor Pitcher, [email protected] and Craig Purchase, [email protected])
  10. Aquatic invasive species (Cynthia McKenzie, [email protected])
  11. Species at risk (Roanne Collins, [email protected])
  12. Science communication: opportunities and pitfalls (Steven Cooke, [email protected])
  13. General Contribution (Martha Robertson, [email protected])

Call for abstract here. Due by October 30, 2015

Students should apply for the Clemens-Rigler Travel Award, full details here.