Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – January 2015 In this Issue: JOURNAL SUMMARIES • Stocked Piscivores May Be Tougher Than We Thought by Jeff Schaeffer • Increasing Survival Rates of Discarded Red Snapper: Best Release Strategies by Sarah Harrison POLICY COLUMN • Culverts as Culprit and Conservation Choice Thomas E. Bigford ESSAYS AND FEATURES • Broadening the Regulated-River Management Paradigm: A Case Study of the Forgotten Dead Zone Hindering Pallid Sturgeon Recovery by Christopher S. Guy, Hilary B. Treanor, Kevin M. Kappenman, Eric A. Scholl, Jason E. Ilgen, Molly A. H. Webb (Spanish abstract) • Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems and the Challenge for Fishery Management: Pink Shrimp of the Southern Gulf of Mexico  Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Pablo del Monte-Luna, and […]