Canadian Aquatic Resources Section of the American Fisheries Society


CARS is an association of members of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) who share concerns for fisheries and other aquatic resources in Canada. The section was initiated in 1991 to provide a forum for discussion of Canadian issues and the future of the fisheries profession in Canada, and to facilitate an expansion of AFS services to Canadian members. Our bylaws can be found here.

The CARS Executive consists of the following:

President: Nick Mandrak

Vice President: Caleb Hasler

Past President: Mark Poesch

Treasurer and Secretary: Erin Rechisky

Communication Officer: Graham Raby (email with announcements, post ideas, job opportunities; seeking nominations)

Assistant Communications Officer: Vacant (seeking nominations)

Student Representatives: Michael Lawrence

Chair of the Larkin Award (non-voting): Karen Murchie

Presidents of Atlantic International, Ontario, Mid Canada, and Washington-British Columbia chapters also serve as ex officio members of the CARS Executive Committee


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Want to spread the word about jobs or other news?

If you have a job opportunity or other news relevant to the fisheries community in Canada that you’d like to have posted on the CARS website and circulated to our members via e-mail, please get in touch by e-mail: cars.afs [at] gmail dot com.

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